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I personalized rubber wristbands free shippingfeel as though I"m in prison personalizedrubberwristbandsfreeshipping

I personalized rubber wristbands free shippingfeel as though I"m in prison

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    First person: Chen Yunsheng, a 77-year-old retiree from Gansu province who lives with his daughter"s family in Beijing

    I have been in Beijing for six years, since my wife died in 2011. I was not in good condition, and my daughter was worried about me living alone, so she picked me up from Jinchang, Gansu province, soon after my wife"s funeral.

    My daughter and her husband take good care of me. They even pay for someone to cook my lunch and supper. However, they are usually occupied with work so I often eat by myself.

    With nobody at home, the house is awfully silent. Turning on the TV seems the only way to make this empty house come alive. When I go downstairs to my community and look around, I see no one I"m familiar with. To be honest, I feel as though I"m in prison.

    Two years ago, I was taking a walk around my neighborhood after breakfast and ran into a young man handing out flyers about healthcare products. He told me I would receive a kilo of eggs if I took part in a health lecture.

    With nothing to do, I went along. After speaking with an expert and a doctor, I ended up taking home healthcare products worth 2,000 yuan ($300). They said the items would be good for my health.

    After that, the salesman visited me from time to time, bringing fruits. He chatted with me and gave me massages. I really enjoyed having him around. It"s hard to find someone willing to listen to my chatter.

    One time, I woke up with a dull headache after taking a post-lunch nap. I didn"t want to bother my daughter, and the salesman was the only other person I could think of at the time. When I called him, he came immediately and took me to the hospital.

    After that, I regularly bought healthcare products from him. He would arrange gifts for me, such as an electric blanket and an automatic foot spa, every time. He spent more time with me than my daughter did.

    Then my daughter found out about the healthcare products and ordered me not to buy them anymore. She told me the products would do no good for my health and it was a scam to gain money from senior people. She showed me media reports about similar cases. Since that time, I have not bought any healthcare products, but sometimes I think about the salesman.

    Chen Yunsheng spoke with Wang Keju.

    (China Daily 11/06/2017 page6)

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