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Beijing"s backyard garden Mulan Paddock marks 33woven wristbands australia6th anniversary wovenwristbandsaustralia

Beijing"s backyard garden Mulan Paddock marks 33woven wristbands australia6th anniversary

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    China"s top experts and scholars in the field of Qing Dynasty shared their opinions on how to dig out Mulan Paddock"s cultural values and boost tourism while preserving the balance in nature during a cultural forum held in Chengde, North China"s Hebei province, on June 28.

    Jin Hongkui, president of the Forbidden City Society, said, “Mulan Paddock has endowed us with time-honored and colorful historical and cultural heritage.”

    Jin Hongkui, president of the Forbidden City Society, delivers a speech during a cultural forum held in Chengde, North China’s Hebei province, on June 28. [Photo provided to]

    Mulan Paddock is regarded as Beijing"s backyard garden. It used to be a royal hunting place and a summer retreat in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The tranquil surroundings and attractive landscape, as well as strolling flocks of birds, endow it as a popular tourist destination, and also a paradise for photographers. In summer heat, after a drive of just three hours from Beijing, you can be reaching out for light jackets as summer temperatures generally range from 15 C to 28 C.

    The forum was hosted by Weichang Manchu and Mongolian autonomous county Party of committee and county government and the Forbidden City Society, co-hosted by the Promotion Department of Weichang county Party and Mulan Qiuxian Culture Research Institute.

    Liu Zhongmin, the secretary of the Party committee of Weichang county, gives a speech during the cultural forum held in Chengde, North China" s Hebei province on June 28. [Photo provided to]

    This year also celebrates the 336th ceremony since the foundation of Mulan Paddock. Reporters from Chinese media such as Xinhua, People’s Daily online, China Daily and other news outlets joined the cultural forum and will later visit the local cultural exhibitions and take a tour to Mulan Paddock.

    Zheng Xinmiao, honorary president of the Forbidden City Society, gives a speech during a cultural forum held in Chengde, North China’s Hebei province on June 28.[Photo provided to]

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